Our Team

We believe we can solve addiction in Bemidji.

We are here to help those in the Bemidji area suffering from the disease of addiction find their way to getting well. 

We’re working to change virtually everything we think and do about the disease of alcohol and drug addiction right here in our community. 

Our work is driven by passion and commitment to get sufferers well. 

Our commitment is to world-class quality in everything we do. Those suffering from addiction deserve no less.

Margot Kelsey

Executive Director

A survivor of addiction, Margot is a strong face and voice for recovery in the Bemidji community. Working with businesses and other community partners, Margot is a leading wellness and addiction advocate and passionate about getting others well. 


Amber Vincent

Lead peer coach

A survivor of addiction and a mother of four, Amber has a passion for working with other mothers who are working towards addiction wellness. She also enjoys organizing community events, and helping clients take advantage of all the resources available to them.

Verna Olson

Peer coach

With more than 30 years of addiction wellness, Verna is an amazing resource for all types of clients. 

Dean Preuss

Peer coach

A volunteer since 2016, Dean is all about validating, building trust and connecting with his clients.